A delicately plucked chamber/folk duo that is at once rich and sparse”
— NPR's Tiny Desk
With Stephanie Tschech providing a foundation of cello and voice, complemented by multi-instrumentalist Nate Lehner, Auralai combines the best of classical beauty with pop-esque rhythm and melody. Stephanie's abstract but vivid lyrics and complex yet catchy rhythm and melodies make for an etherial mood, sometimes haunting, sometimes hilarious, always fiercely engaging. No slave to both conventional songwriting and classical cello form, Auralai brings a much needed fresh breed of indie-pop music that is nothing short of captivating.


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by Auralai

"Writing songs can be an awkward process.  Something you typically do alone.  Bella, my beautiful girl on the cover, kept me company as these songs developed."  -Stephanie